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The best and most beautiful floor isn’t any good if it doesn’t stay on the floor! That’s why we recommend our SIF brand adhesives.


SIF848 High-Tack

  • For wet lay or dry lay (pressure sensitive adhesion)
  • can be used over moisture barriers
  • very long open time
  • can be used over cutback mastic

Indoor Adhesive Technical Data Sheet|SIF848
MSDS | SIF848 High-Tack

SIF875 Roll-Tack

  • for sheet vinyl flooring
  • for carpet tiles with foam backing
  • coverage up to 500 SF/gal

Releasable Adhesive Technical Data Sheet | SIF875 
MSDS | SIF875 Roll-Tack

SIF312 Turf-Link

  • suitable for outdoor installations
  • no VOC or solvents- achieves LEED points
  • installs in light rain or extreme heat
  • no shipping restrictions
  • resistant to most cleaners and chemicals after curing
  • lifetime warranty

Outdoor Adhesive Technical Data Sheet | SIF 312
MSDS | SIF312 Turf-Link


Warranty | SIF848, SIF875, and SIF 312