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Fantasy World Is Sure To Delight Thanks To OBJECT CARPET

Customers of all ages are going to be delighted by Fantasy World. The global toy industry is a billion-dollar industry. That being said, toy stores all around the world need to compete in order to be the go-to destination for toy seekers. Therefore, toy stores need to have more than just great toys. In truth, […]

OBJECT CARPET Is Hoping To Win Big At The HiP Awards

OBJECT CARPET has submitted their new collection for the HiP Awards at NeoCon! “A new generation of carpet.” That is how OBJECT CARPET has defined their stunning new collection, Places of Origin. Yet with any luck, that is exactly how the judges for the HiP Awards will regard this collection as well. Although OBJECT CARPET […]

TENCEL Fibers Are Proven To Be Beneficial For All

TENCEL fibers are not only eco-friendly but they create beautiful floor coverings! It has been proven that TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers are beneficial for all! In fact, they are ecologically sound and create the best performing lustrous carpets and rugs, in terms of appearance retention and stain resistance. Furthermore, TENCEL® fibers are sustainable and biodegradable. […]

New Luxury Showroom Will Debut At NeoCon 2018

Our new luxury showroom will exclusively feature OBJECT CARPET. Summit International Flooring (SIF), together with OBJECT CARPET, will reveal a brand-new showroom at NeoCon 2018. Located on the eleventh floor (11-135) of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, this showroom is expected to wow patrons! Although SIF has presented at this space in the past, this […]

Have You Seen The Stunning Designs In The RUGXSTYLE Collection?

RUGXSTYLE by OBJECT CARPET is crossing boundaries when it comes to design. “Create the unexpected.” That is the motto behind OBJECT CARPET’s stunning collection, RUGXSTYLE. Although this collection is the predecessor to the wildly popular FREESTILE collection of carpet tiles, RUGXSTYLE has developed a life of its own. As a result, the original concept of […]

Is The 3801 The Secret To Van Besouw’s Success?

Van Besouw’s 3801 started a carpeting revolution like no other. “Creating rather than imitating.” Although it has been over 40 years since Van Besouw created their legendary 3801 design, they still adhere to that famous motto. In fact, it is their mission and duty to create amazing products and metered color concepts that give every […]

Meet the Family: Cami Konecky

We are like family here at Summit International Flooring (SIF) and we want you to know us like family too!  We are introducing you to different SIF team members.  This way if you need anything (e.g. – advice, assistance) you know you can come to us first; just like family!  David Numark;   Cami Konecky […]

Do You Have The Best Flooring For Your Home Gym?

Your home gym deserves to have the best flooring! Working out has a lot of benefits both for your body and mind. Therefore, many people have opted to create a home gym in order to ensure that they will get the best workout. For instance, at a commercial gym, people are limited to using the […]

DURA WOOD Is The Best Choice For All Hot Yoga Studios

Hot yoga studios need a flooring that can withstand the heat! With the popularity of hot yoga on the rise, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of hot yoga studios popping up all over the country. However, there are still a number of people that don’t know much about hot yoga or the […]

6 Himalayan Rugs You Need To See If You Love Art

The Himalayan rugs from Jacaranda Carpets are true works of art! Art work is no longer just for your walls! Thanks to Himalayan rugs by Jacaranda Carpets, you can now have a piece of art work for your floor. Furthermore, since each Himalayan rug is hand-knotted, each rug is completely unique. Jacaranda’s weavers use traditional […]