Triathlon 800 Series

Triathlon 800 Series – The Triathlon 800 series is a 100% “near solid” colored virgin rubber floor covering that will give your gym or play room a unique look. Customize your space by creating a border, checkerboard pattern or any other design of your choice. The possibilities are endless. This product is durable and virtually maintenance free. It is perfect for any room in your home or business.


Triathlon 800 Color Swatches

Get your team logos incorporated into your floors!
Below logos were done using Triathlon 800.

“[Summit International Flooring] did a fantastic job and would not quit until everything was done perfectly.”

– Andrew Barroway, Owner, Chairman, and Governor of the Arizona Coyotes.

AZ Coyotes logo in Triathlon 800

Triathlon 800 Series Documents & Downloads

Data Tech Spec Sheet
Installation Instructions – Square
Installation Instructions – Interlocking
Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions – Square
Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions- Interlocking
Warranty Information
Floor Score Certification

Triathlon 800 Series Photos

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