Quiet Transmission

It’s engineered for use directly under most floor finishes, yielding exceptional impact sound insulation results, even under hard surface flooring for concrete or wood-framed construction. Quiet Transmission is available in 48-inch-wide rolls and 2 standard thicknesses, 5 mm and 10mm. Also available with a waterproof membrane, Quiet Transmission can be installed under most types of grouted, glued, and floating floors, including hard tile, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, LVT, sheet vinyl, and carpet. Manufactured in Pennsylvania from 92-percent resilient recycled rubber and backed by more than 400 independent laboratory and field tests, Quiet Transmission has been repeatedly tested, proven, selected, and used in some of the best hotels and multi-family developments in the world


  • Fast, hassle-free installation
  • Compatible with most floor finishes
  • Available in 48-inch wide rolls and 2 standard thicknesses
  • Vapor barrier option available
  • Doubles as a Tile Council of North America (TCNA)-rated high performance crack isolation membrane
  • Can thin-set tile directly to 2 and 5 millimeter (mm) thicknesses per ASTM C627
  • Compatible with radiant heat flooring systems
  • Five mm thick QT performs better than 12 mm cork per ASTM E2179


Information for tile application

Product Thickness

TCNA Robinson Wheel Test

(ASTM C627) Typical Ratings

R-values (US units; SI units)

Crack Isolation

Quiet Transmission 2  2 mm  Extra Heavy 0.11; 0.02 High Performance rating by TCNA
per ANSI 118.12 5.4 (over 1/8” protection)
Quiet Transmission 5 5mm


0.24; 0.04
Quiet Transmission 10 10mm


0.44*; 0.08*
Quiet Transmission 12 12mm 0.52*; 0.09*
Quiet Transmission 15 15mm 0.65*; 0.12*

*R-value calculated based on measured thermal conductivity of Quiet Transmission 5.



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Quiet Transmission 5

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Quiet Transmission 15

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