5 Reasons PLANKX Is The Best Flooring Solution

PLANKX is the best solution for your next flooring project.

PLANKX is here and it is ready to wow! The commercial flooring has demanded manufacturers to innovate and offer products in different styles and materials. Ranging from broadloom carpet and carpet tile, to innovative resilient products made out of cork and rubber, there is no shortage of choices. But when it comes to a decision-maker’s design needs and requirements, most want a durable product that is also unique. For this reason, Summit International Flooring has grown their extensive array of carpet and flooring to reflect the unique style people want and the quality that people deserve.

With many name brand products in our arsenal, we are constantly evolving to keep up with the trends. As a result, we now offer PLANKX, the printed nylon carpet planks that are taking the design world by storm! Not sure if this product is right for your next design? Then here are five reasons that might just convince you otherwise!

5. Innovative

With an estimated account of 55% to 60% of commercial design sales being carpet tiles, they are continuing to dominate the marketplace. However, tiles that have mixed looks and are of the same thickness are also trending because they allow easy transitions from one space to another within the same project . As a result, designers have predicted that carpet styles, especially those with luxurious textures, will continue to have a rise in popularity.

4. Durable

Synonymous with durability, PLANKX is the best solution for any area with heavy foot traffic that also requires high walking comfort. Most notably, these innovative carpet planks are used in hotels, offices, and stores. Easy and quick to fit to the space needed, the 10” x 40” innovative PLANKX tiles will create a unique feel-good atmosphere that will last!

3. Cost Effective

Tile products offer extensive design flexibility! Unlike a broadloom carpet, if a section of flooring should become damaged, these planks can be quickly removed and replaced. As a result, the downtime that is usually associated with replacing flooring is eliminated. Additionally, since initial installation produces less waste, it helps manage your budget.

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2. Functional

Not only are PLANKX carpet tiles beautiful, they are also extremely functional. Thanks to their good sound absorption rating, this flooring option is suitable for open-plan offices. Worried about caster chairs damaging the carpet tiles? Don’t be! These planks have been tested to hold up well to any chair in the office. Not to mention, these tiles are also slip resistance and have anti-static characteristics which will protect against any pesky electric shocks.

1. WOW Factor

In conclusion, PLANKX has the WOW factor people are looking for. In fact, there are seven stunning designs to choose from. (See these and more by visiting our product page here.) Want to add a new level of creativity? In addition to the six layout plans you can choose from, you can also create custom looks by mixing and matching patterns and styles. With designs that range from traditional to contemporary, there are unique aesthetics for many different environments. As a result, your next project is sure to stand out from the crowd!


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