ARKIT Reveals New Style and Bold Colors

ARKIT is ready to help transform your floors from boring to chic!

ARKIT has new styles and bold colors for those who want a more stylish floor! By creating such unique designs, they consistently stay at the forefront of commercial design. Not to mention, they help to make a bigger impact on the residential market. All of the styles that are to be presented were curated by designer and stylist, Patricia Descaillot. Her pCannage - ARKIT Bloglan for this collection? To focus on revamping the colors and material effects to create a soft, warm, subtle design for the home. She focused on decor trends such as mix and match, geometric or floral patterns for upholstery and wallpaper, and the comeback of furniture and lighting. In our opinion, Descaillot not only created a beautiful design line but it fits perfectly with these trends.

Of course, there’s no reason to mess with perfection. Therefore, the tiles and technical data have remained the same. Available in 36” X 36” (91.4 X91.4 cm) tiles and made of luxury vinyl tiles, they are easy to install and maintain. Not only that but they are also available at an affordable price point which allows it to be used in almost any installation. The tiles are hard wearing, which makes it perfect for the workplace (lobbies, museums, libraries, shops, etc.) and gorgeous enough for the home. (See our ARKIT product page for all designs and colors)

New Designs:

Stylo bille was already a staple in the ARKIT catalog and was available in both red and blue. This hand created design is meat to remind us of a pen on paper design. Descaillot has taken this look and revamped it for 2017. Therefore, she made it look more modern and feel glitzier by adding two more colors, grey/silver, and gold. Thankfully, Stylo wasn’t the only design to get the golden touch. Descaillot also changed Empreinte to have a gold background. The results are nothing less than amazing!


Then there is Cannage, a strong graphic print. Descaillot added two new bold colors of green and orange. The green brings balance and calm through its depiction of nature. Meanwhile, orange, which is dynamic and vibrant, stimulates and brings both creativity and energy.

Descaillot has also added mole to the Carreau design collection. It brings softness, discretion, and just a touch of vintage charm. Just what every home needs! Finally, the last new design that Descaillot worked on was Strie. By adding a sienna/red color it immediately makes a space feel warmer and gives a boost to the interior design.

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