The Best Flooring Solutions For Creating Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are built from the floor up!

What does Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Porsche all have in common? They are all luxury brands that provide consumers with both status and style. Furthermore, all three have used flooring from our international partners in both their stores and showrooms. By choosing high end flooring solutions, these brands can differentiate themselves from competitors. Although Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Porsche have figured out whichLuxury Brands flooring solutions work best for them, it’s not always easy for others.

For example, if you are a designer who is helping your retail clientele brand their stores, many factors go into your flooring decision. Do they need carpet or tile? Should the flooring be colorful or have more neutral hues? Although it can be daunting to think about, Summit International Flooring can help. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that will help you stand apart from the rest, we have the products for you and your retail clientele. In fact, we scour the earth for unique products that not only meet ASTM standards, but do not duplicate products already saturating the market.

LVT & Rubber Flooring Options:

Many luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products emulate the look of wood or stone but we go further. This allows you to get the style you want with the added durability you will need. Many of our LVT products, such as those from ARKIT, are in a large scale 36”x36” format. Due to the size of the tiles, the gorgeous, handmade designs essentially become artwork on the floor. Furthermore, many of the designs can be laid in different patterns which results in new looks.

If LVT products aren’t in line with the brand, perhaps a rubber flooring option will be. Rather than an institutional looking black recycled rubber, we offer innovative designs and colors. In fact, we are even able to use solid rubber colors and combine them with cork crumbs. Plus, our virgin EPDM rubber does not have an odor as it is not made from car or truck tires. All of our rubber flooring options are decorative and are sound dampening. The best part? Your client can even customize their color mixes, and we can even laser cut corporate logos into the tiles.

Carpet & Wood Floor Options:

If your client targets the highest echelon of consumers, consider the elegant carpets of OBJECT CARPET. Throughout their more than 40 years in the business, they have won multiple awards for their innovative designs. Hence, they do not just follow trends, they set them. Using the most resilient nylon fiber available, they combine matted and high luster yarns to add texture and life into the look of your floor. This means, most qualities will stand up to the heaviest traffic without worry!

Looking for a wood floor without the necessary upkeep that wood floors require? Than perhaps your client should consider our DURA WOOD. Although it is not wood, it has the same look of wooden planks and is available in eight beautiful and natural shades. DURA WOOD is 5 mm of rubber underlayment fusion bonded to vinyl which offers a soft, safe, and quiet floor. Furthermore, the very high PSI of 1280 means fixtures and displays will not create indentations. Another added benefit is that DURA WOOD is in 6’ wide rolls, making it easy to install.

In conclusion, when you are seeking product to differentiate, highlight, and brand your clients, look no further than Summit International Flooring. We look forward to discussing your projects and offering ideas and solutions to meet your expectations. Luxury brands luxury brand

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