Four Stunning White Carpets You Need To Have

You can now have the stunning white carpets of your dreams!

Although Summit International Flooring has worked with Jacaranda Carpets for years, they never cease to amaze us! Therefore, when we were first introduced to their White Collection, we were blown away! Their collection consists of four beautiful white carpets, ranging from crisp and contemporary, to deep and luxurious.white carpets - jacaranda

In order to create this collection, Jacaranda used 100% New Zealand wool. Not only is it soft, but it’s celebrated for its pure ‘whiteness.’ The first three designs, Taormina White, Positano White, and Portofino White, reflect natural light, which in turn, generates an airy feel. Additionally, they can also serve as a statement in a contemporary monochromatic living space, or as a canvas for a bold color scheme.

Adding to this collection is Agra Taj. With a pile that is an amazing 24mm deep, it is the most luxurious broadloom in Jacaranda’s collection. Hand-woven TENCEL® and pure wool are combined to give Agra Taj a natural lustrous shine with durable comfort. In fact, those who have encountered Agra Taj have said that it is a real joy to have underfoot!

So why should you invest in one of these four stunning white carpets for your home? Well like architect, Richard Meier, once said, “[I think] white is the most wonderful color of all, because within it one can find every color of the rainbow.”

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