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Best Wool Carpets

Located in the Netherlands, Best Wool Carpets has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing, beautiful woolen carpets and rugs since 1982. Their rugs are created from genuine and honest natural products for people who appreciate quality. Additionally, since wool is a very high-quality product, it is accessible and suitable for any interior. Furthermore, Best Wool Carpets are made of 100% wool Of New Zealand yarn and are custom colored from 120 sq yds.

Best Wool Carpets

Wool is elegant, has a luxurious appearance and offers great comfort. It is a unique, strong natural product and by using it we do not extract anything from nature. The wool comes from grass-fed sheep from New Zealand and Europe. Wool from New Zealand is of a finer quality: the wool is whiter and therefore guarantees vibrant and bright colors.

The five benefits of wool:
– comfort and durability
– easy to maintain
– noise-reducing
– hypo-allergenic
– fire-retardant


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Best Wool Carpets

The samples that we list are just a bare minimum of the collections offered.

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