Calderdale Axminster Carpet Tiles

These beautiful, woven, cut pile Axminster tiles from Calderdale (United Kingdom) are the solution for any hospitality or commercial application, as they are specifically created to meet the demands of high-traffic areas. Calderdale’s Ax-Tile product is made with extreme precision so that even the most complex pattern can be matched and repeated.

Calderdale Axminster Carpet Tiles

Using a single or multi-tile design, Calderdale Carpets is the fast, cost-effective, and flexible way to specify carpet for large, hospitality facilities. Ideal choice for the following locations:

    • – Casinos
    • – Hotels
    • – Convention Centers
    • – Museums
    • – Night Clubs
    • – Bowling Alleys
    • – Theaters & Cinemas

The Calderdale designers are continually developing new designs for their stock ranges. They will also work with designers, and clients to create custom designs. Emails, printouts, and hand rails are sent to the client for approval before any custom orders are made.

For a complete list of collections, please visit their website.

Installation Photos:

Calderdale Axminster Carpet Tiles

The samples that we list are just a bare minimum of the collections offered.

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