Fitnice Woven Vinyl Flooring

Fitnice Woven Vinyl Flooring is a combination of art, design, and modernity. But above all, this flooring is made with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, in a land where every resource is important, ingenuity has no bounds. The vineyards rise above ground to preserve the grapes from humidity, held by a network of carefully designed grids that are reminiscent of the structure of our fabrics. In other words, everything they do revolves around their heritage. As a result, consumers can tell that their woven vinyl flooring comes from a city where inspiration and innovation are constant and beauty is the ultimate goal.

Fitnice Woven Vinyl Flooring

Fitnice creates a woven vinyl product that is made from a monofilament covered with PVC, which is manufactured in Spain. It is then created into rolls or three different shapes: square tiles, planks, and diamonds tiles, allowing multiple combinations and effects. Furthermore, their flooring has written warranties for both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they offer their woven vinyl in applications such as rugs and wall coverings.

Work and creativity, effort and precision, excellence and ingenuity, Atlantic and Mediterranean. Indeed, they couldn’t do things any other way.

Summit International Flooring is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Fitnice Flooring.

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