Your Next Rooftop Project and Edel Grass

Edel Grass Rooftop

Summit International Flooring has noticed that rooftops and rooftop areas are trending pretty hard. With so much opportunity to expand real estate without having to move, more and more residents and businesses are embracing the high life! And when the feel of Edel Grass is so real that your feet can’t tell the difference, it’s easy to infuse the soul with the comfort of nature- without the maintenance.

Out of the three Edel Grass products we offer, UNLIMITED is top of the list! Parties, pet-loving, lounging, sky-gazing, and morning meditations are all now an elevated experience.

Unlimted by Edel Grass

UNLIMITED by Edel Grass is a tile-based grass system ideally suited for a rooftop and terraces, although it could be used for a variety of other applications such as playgrounds, showrooms, etc. Its coloration duplicates the aesthetics of real grass, is easy to install, and includes an attached backing called a Shock Pad. The Shock Pad acts as a cushion should someone fall from a height up to 4 feet, and the bottom is slotted so water and other liquids will drain through the grass horizontally and vertically to easily flow off. The material is designed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions but is soft and comfortable.

Bleach and water cleanable!

Learn more by contacting us or visiting the Edel Grass website.


Lounge by Edel Grass

LOUNGE by Edel Grass (without the Shock Pad) is an extremely low maintenance artificial grass system available in rolls. It is hard wearing yet extremely soft so it looks and feels like real grass. And no mowing, sprinkling or fertilizing required! This 30 mm pile turf is perfect for gardens and rooftop terraces, patios, pool surroundings, and hotel and businesses. Lounge by Edel Grass is the perfect way to have lush green grass all year long while saving time, money and the environment! 







Colourful by Edel Grass


Colourful by Edel Grass is an indoor/outdoor product that adds bright, fun color to literally any space. Available in rolls either 6’7″ or 13’2″ width, its uses range from landscape design to indoor area rugs. the material is designed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions, but is soft and comfortable enough to use indoors and offers colors to compliment your furniture and lifestyle. Give your rooftop a pop of color with Colourful!




When clients reach out to you about life-like turf grass, please contact us to provide a sample so that you know they have been given the option to choose the most effective and real rooftop turf they have ever felt!

As always, Summit International Flooring is not only known for our unique products, but for our unique service! If you have any inquiries we’ll be sure to respond quickly to help you!