Unlimited By Edel Grass

edel_grass_logo_300wEdel Grass Unlimited is a tile based grass system ideally suited for rooftops and terraces. However, can also be used for a variety of other applications such as playgrounds, showrooms, etc. What is the best part about this product? Coloration which duplicates the aesthetics of real grass. Plus, it’s easy to install, and includes an attached backing called a Shock Pad. This  Shock Pad acts as a cushion which will absorb the impact should someone fall from a height of up to four feet. Furthermore, the bottom is slotted which allows water and other liquids to drain through the grass. While the material is designed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions, it is soft and comfortable.

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Company: Edel Grass
Product: Unlimited
Tile Size: 3.22′ x 3.22′
They fit together like puzzle pieces and should always be installed facing the same direction.
Note: Stiletto type heels should not be worn over Unlimited. They could become caught in the seams between tiles, creating a potential for the wearer to get hurt.
Sold In Increments Of 40 Tiles

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 EDEL Unlimited Drainage Test Video


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